Rolling stock of the Waldviertler Schmalspurbahnverein

1a. steam traction

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Loco 170.1 - out of the maker's catalogue: WLF, 1938 (15171 Bytes)

maker's plate  (9923 Bytes)

170.1 was intended to be the big seller for the Floridsdorf loco works on industrial rails between 790 and 900 mm gauge, as can be imagined from the picture taken from the builder's catalogue 1938.

170.1 in service at the Donawitz steel works - 1 (10672 Bytes) The steam locomotive type "Erzberg" (Iron Mountain; named after the famous open mined mountain in the Austrian province of Styria) was built without order from the company Österreichisch-Alpine Montan Gesellschaft.
The prototype engine - maker's number 3150/1938 - was built to 790 mm gauge and has a power output of 170 h.p.
170.1 in service at the Donawitz steel works - 2 (10748 Bytes) Economic climate in the pre-World War II days did not help to speed ÖAMG's decision process in favour of the new Floridsdorf design.
After Austria's Anschluß (11 March 1938; occupation) by the Third Reich, whose slogan was "Räder müssen rollen für den Sieg" (wheels must roll for the triumph), the ÖAMG was renamed "Reichswerke Hermann Göring" and had to contribute to the Nazi war effort, so the Donawitz management was happy to buy the only built "Erzberg" type locomotive.
170.1 active iin a new lease of life: at the Stainz-Wohlsdorf line, after regauging (15733 Bytes) The locomotive was transferred to Stainz in 1991 and put back into working order by Stainz loco driver Markus Mandl.
The sole built example (0-4-0 wheel arrangement) has an axle load of 11 metric tons and was used for steam specials, some together with another ex-Donawitz loco, 100.13, between Stainz and Wohlsdorf (Styria province).

170.1 pausing in Herbersdorf Forest (Photo: S. Rott)

170.1 in the Waldviertel (15886 Bytes) When the WSV was without steam loco after the agreement on the lease of 399.03 was terminated by Federal Railways ÖBB, 170.1's trip to the Waldviertel area could be arranged. Leaking tubes caused the loco to be taken out of service after the first test run from Altnagelberg to Heidenreichstein.
Boiler and firebox have been removed to Ceske Velenice works for heavy repair and certification. The planned return to service at the end of July 1998 actually became mid-December 1998. The total cost was some ATS 500.000,- ($ 40.000,- or approx. 36.400 Euro). Donations are welcome!

170.1 in the Waldviertel after unloading from the low-floor truck at Altnagelberg, before departing for Heidenreichstein. In front of the steam loco a selection of WSV active members poses for the camera. (Photo: R. Mauritz, 1997.07.17.)

Pictures and sounds originating from the 20th December 1998 test run

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