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Waldviertler Schmalspurbahnverein

A-3871 Altnagelberg, Bahnhofstrasse 59
Telefon: +43 . 699 . 11465350

... hoorrah, steam again in the northern Waldviertel !


Sunday, 20th December 1998

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170.1 Sigi Rott makes the last preparations for the big day of 170.1 ...
Kleinpertholz 170.1 as a taxi for the loco crew, after returning from lunch, while passing the frozen fish pond at Kleinpertholz
shunting The test train rake under preparation: Stefan Wurz oversees the shunting in Heidenreichstein
Stop at Aalfang: train length: 118 Meter in 41 axles and 96 tons, plus 22 tons for the steam loco
170.1, 6493, 11656, 10018, 10007, 3883, 3889, 3873, 3877, 91800, 12-16, 97012, 6105, 6106
170.1 takes water near Langegg halt
owner The owner, Markus Mandl, made the long journey from Stainz to drive his loco on its first trip
Altnagelberg departure The daylight at Altnagelberg Herrenhaus halt diminishes rapidly - and the B/W image reminds one a
bit of an O. Winston Link scenery ... (Photography by Karl Schmutz)

To force the multi media aspect, I have decided to include two mouth watering sound files
Format: ADPCM 4bit mono (4 kB/s) or stereo (8kB/s) - WAVE file



loco 170.1 whistling at Stainz (Styria) station in November 1996 (mono, 15.450 bytes)

Test train (20 December) passing km 2.1 on a 1 in 40 gradient, load is 55 tons in 17 axles (stereo, 151.642 bytes)

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